publications + exhibitions

current roles

2018 – Senior Lecturer, Design and Coordinator, Contemporary Craft Studios. School of Art & Design, Australian National University.

2018 – Member Director, Design Institute of Australia

2016 – ACICIS Creative Arts and Design Professional Practicum National Advisory Panel

2015 – Editorial Board, Communication Design: Interdisciplinary and Graphic Design Research, Taylor & Francis/Routledge

past roles

2016 – 2018 HDR Convenor (MVA, DVA & PhD programs). Queensland College of Art, Griffith University

2017 – 2018 Queensland President. Design Institute of Australia

2017 – 2018 National (transitional) Director, Design Institute of Australia

2017 – 2018 Queensland Student Innovation & Entrepreneurs Alliance (QSIEA) Consortium Board of Director

2015 – 2017 Acting Program Director, Design. Queensland College of Art, Griffith University

2015 – 2017 Vice President, Queensland. Design Institute of Australia


Member, Design Institute of Australia, DIA, Australia

Member, Design Research Society, DRS, United Kingdom

Member, The Design Society, United Kingdom + Special Interest Group (SIG): Design Creativity

Member, International Society for Gesture Studies, ISGS

Honorary Member, Golden Key International Honour Society. Awarded 'Best Lecturer' (South Bank) 2015.

major project/s

Shaping Queensland's Entrepreneurs. A project lead by the Queensland Student Innovation Entrepreneurs Alliance consortium and funded by the International Education and Training (IET) Partnership Fund 2017-2019. 

Gesture, Creativity and Design. Understanding the role of gesture during early stage design activity. 

BIOdress explorations in embodied media. A collaborative project S. Adhitya (UK), B. Davis (AU), Z. Mahony (AU), R. Frankjaer (EU) & T. Flanagan (HK/AU).

Mediated Interactions: How technologies shape experiences and creative collaborations. Funded by Griffith University NRG.

Cloud Workshop. Wearables and Well-being: Enriching Connections Between Citizens in the Asia-Pacific Region. Funded by Griffith University, Queensland College of Art Project Grant. A collaborative project R. Gomez (AU), B. Davis (AU) and T. Flanagan (HK), also E. Mealy (AU) from 2014. Conducted 2013, 2014 and next scheduled for 2017.

Investigating how designers collaborate and respond to sustainable design criteria. Funded by Owen J Wordsworth Scholarship, Design Research Theme Scholarship, and Postgraduate Research Award. [complete]


2016-2019 The Role of Open Source in Building Pathways to Design Innovation (PhD) 

2015-2017 Social Design and Craftsmanship (DVA)

2014-2022 Learning Repair & Care: Ontological Design as Event in Indigenous Knowledge and Practices (DVA)

2016 Influencing Behaviour Through Interactive Products Placed in Public Areas. (Honours)

2016 Understanding The Material Practices of Product Designers/Makers (Honours)

2015 Open Source and Short Term Assistive Technologies (Honours)

2015 Design Thinking in Start-up Business (Honours)


2017 Digital Futures Lab, State Library Queensland, Brisbane

2017 Dispositive Environments, Hunt Gallery, Webster University, St Louis (catalogue pending)

2016 Climatic: Post Normal Design, Miller Gallery, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh (catalogue)

2016 Wear Next_ Academy of Visual Arts, Kowloon, Hong Kong Baptist University Gallery, Hong Kong

2016 The Body in Translation, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

2015 EXCHANGE, International Project Space (Gallery 105), Crane Arts, Philadelphia (catalogue

2015 Experimental Thinking/Design PracticesGriffith Art Gallery, Brisbane, September (catalogue)

2015 wear next_ An exhibition investigating the future of wearable technology, Artisan Gallery, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane (catalogue)

2014 Design in Flux, International Project Space (Gallery 105), Crane Arts, Philadelphia (catalogue)  

2014 cloud, Fashion Farm Foundation and The Edge, Brisbane & Hong Kong

2014 ewaste[REBOOTED], Queensland Museum and Science Centre, Brisbane


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speaking engagements / invited lectures / workshops

2017 Digital Humans - how is tech changing our Bodies? Invited Panelist. ABC Radio Brisbane and State Library of Queensland, 1 November, Brisbane.

2017 Global Entrepreneurship Workshop for KAIST Centre for Creative Entrepreneur IP-CEO Program. Program leader, QCA. 13-25 February, Brisbane.

2016 AAANZ: The Work of Art Conference. Session co-convenor: Operative Critique in Design, ANU, Canberra.

2016 Australian Council for Computers in Education Conference. Invited workshop: Design, new technologies & future landscapes, Brisbane.

2016 Teacher Symposium 2016. Schools of the Future: Transforming STEM education in Queensland. Invited speaker. Queensland Academies, Toowong.

2016 Beyond the Surface: New Textile and Ceramics. Invited to open the exhibition. Cairns Regional Gallery, Cairns.

2016 [inter]sections: art, design, technology. Lecture and student consultations. sadi // Samsung Art and Design Institute, 15 July, Seoul, South Korea.

2015 QCA Alumni Panel: Secrets of Successful Creative Careers. MC for the event, 25 November, Brisbane.

2015 Global Entrepreneurship Workshop for KAIST Centre for Creative Entrepreneur IP-CEO Program. Program leader, QCA. 3-13 November, Brisbane.

2015 The Future of Wearables: High Tech As High Fashion. Apple Store Event. 24 November, Brisbane.

2015 What's the Use of Speculative Design. Experimental Thinking/Design Practices panel discussion. 18 September, Brisbane.

2015 Experimental Thinking/Design Practices. Curator Talk. 19 September, Brisbane.

2015 Wear Next_ Experiential. Interactive demonstration evening, 2 October, Brisbane.

2015 Wear Next_ Curator Talk, 29 July, Brisbane.

2014 Design Futures / Future of Design. Lecture delivered to KAIST Creative Entrepreneurs, Brisbane.

2014 Sustainable Practices, Design, New Technology and Future Landscapes. Lecture delivered to KAIST Creative Entrepreneurs, Brisbane.

2014 Design Business Methods: Understanding Service Design and Social Innovation. Lecture delivered to KAIST Creative Entrepreneurs, Brisbane.

2014 Design Processes and Design Thinking. Lecture delivered to KAIST Creative Entrepreneurs, Brisbane.

2014 Design Research and PracticePublic Presentation as part of HAPTIC INTERFACE, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong. 

2014 Technology and Design. Interrogation Forum by the Design Institute of Australia. Panel Member, Brisbane.

2013 Essential Design summit. Holloway and Queensland Museum. Invited Speaker, Brisbane.

2012 The Future of Design. Invited presentation to help Launch the Design Futures Bachelor program, Griffith University. 12 August, Brisbane.