KAIST - Global Entrepreneurship Workshop 2014

Remembering and reflecting on the 2014 KAIST Global Entrepreneurship Workshop: Sustainable Enterprise & Design Futures. I loved every second of my time with these guys, such an intelligent and happy group. I found this little gem (see video below), made by the students as a record their two week stay in Australia.

The IP-CEO program sought to strengthen the awareness of the importance of sustainable enterprise and sustainable design; and to improve the capacity of the participants to integrate sustainable initiatives into their business ideas.

As part of my contribution, I introduced the students to design thinking and in particular sustainable design practices. I did this by leveraging their creative capacities, to illustrate the importance of problem-solving and design-led approach to challenges/business tasks. Student then reflected on these lectures/tasks, to reconsider, re-frame and re-design their business model.

To help them better understand design and the role of critical and creative thinking, I arranged for a number of guest lectures by local designers and practitioners, including Tom Allen (Seven Positive); Rob Geddes (QMI); Leon Fitzpatrick (Auxiliary design school). I also arranged a number of workshops and tours including the 2hr design challenge and a 3D printing workshop at The Edge. One of the main highlights for the students was the tour of Holloway in West End and meeting Martin and Raf. For our Korean guests this was everything they aspire to one-day achieve - to create a sustainable, viable business venture.