3576QCA Wearable Technology

Design, build, prototype, hack, code, craft and envision! So ends a massive few weeks of the first iteration of the new winter elective - 3576QCA Wearable Technology. This course was offered to students at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University as part of the Cloud Workshop program.

Cloud Workshop is a cross-cultural, cross-institutional, interdisciplinary wearable technology course. Blending students from across three institutions to work together harnessing the power of cloud computing to design, develop and prototype future visions of wearable tech. In each instance, student teams were encouraged to consider not only the future of wearables, but our future selves, impacts of technology on identity, sense of self, communication, engagement, society and surveillance. Working with students from QCA, QUT and Hong Kong Baptist University students explored the world of arduino, blinky lights, sensors, craft, form and fashion in a bid to consider and propose alternative futures.